BE Partners was established in 2021 as a group of experienced process improvement leaders. Over the years, we have gained experience in various production and service organizations. We want to share our knowledge and experience as widely as possible to support companies and their employees in continuous development. We work directly on the process, as well as in training rooms - wherever we can support our clients.
Our name hides our approach to cooperation and the goal we set for ourselves. BE stands for "Business Excellence" - Operational Excellence. It is an unattainable state, because improvement is a continuous process that has no end. Partners - we are partners for our clients.
We believe that we can only be successful when our clients develop. Regardless of whether we share our knowledge through projects, training or audits of enterprises, we are always a real support on the way to perfection.


First of all, we try to understand our
partners needs. Whether it's training or organizational transformation, the most important thing for us is to focus on what can bring the best results. Results that support the company's vision and strategic plans. No two organizations are the same, so there is no one golden rule that works for everyone. The most important thing for us is the involvement of the entire organization, because only with the involvement of all employees is it possible to change the culture.


We focus on building a culture of continuous improvement of the organization to create an efficient team that will be able to generate ideas on how to improve processes and solve problems to bring measurable benefits to our partners and their clients. Depending on the organization, its needs and the level of development, our support will look different. Our Partners use audits and analyzes of processes in the entire organization or its part. On this basis, we prepare recommendations for improvement. If there is such a need - we support clients during the implementation of these changes in the organization. Sometimes - as project managers, sometimes - as active members of project teams.
The form depends on the expectations and needs of our Partners.
In addition, we offer both single workshops or entire training cycles that improve the competences of teams. We carry out our trainings and workshops based on real problems occurring in the organization, spending a lot of time directly at the process.
To quote one of the fathers of Toyota's success - Shigeo Shingo:

"Lean is a mindset, not a to-do list"

Let's walk the path of this change together.


Adam Barański


Ireneusz Ochman

Managing Partner

Paweł Nurzyński

Managing Partner


Summarizing Our Experience, We develop your potential

Provide your company and its employees with the support of the best Continuous Improvement Leaders.

We bring together practitioners of improvement with many years of experience in various industries. Thanks to this, the team is always tailored to the needs and quickly adapts to the client's organization.

We support our clients at all stages of development. We conduct audits to define the potential for improvement, and then we implement optimization and transformation projects together. At the same time, we develop the team's competences by conducting training and workshops.

In accordance with the Lean approach, our main goal is to deliver value to our clients. We carry out this task at every stage of cooperation, ensuring that the quality of the services we offer is at the highest level.

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